Stair Spindles Designs and Ideas to Update

One of the ideas to build a house in small space is by adding the story or floor. A house with two story is the popular choice for any home designs from classic to modern. And here, you need home stairs to build to connect the lower and upper floor. Surely, you want the home […]

Stair Risers Designs, Height and Ideas You Can Try

If you want to build home stairs, you should understand the main components. They are stair risers, treads and also stringers. Each of them should be built with the right design, height and width or dimension so the home stairs can be rightly built and you will feel comfortable when you use the stair as […]

Rubber Stair Treads for Safety and Trendy Look

Home stairs are very popular choice to connect the first floor to the second or third floor rather than an elevator. Sure, there are many reasons homeowners select home stair as the common solution than using an elevator from the budget and more other advantages. Home stairs should be well built from the right design […]

Carpet Stair Treads for a Stand out Stairs Decoration in Your House

If you have stairs in your house, it is common if you want to make it looks beautiful. Decorating the stairs becomes one among many great ideas to beautify and make it look different. There are many methods to decorate the stairs that you could choose. One among many decorating ideas is by using Carpet […]

Modern Stair Lift: An Access for Old and Disabilities People

If you want to find advice to lift you upstairs, mechanically Stair Lift is your answer. This device will have a rail that make you go up and downstairs. This device will use chair or lifting platform to lift people up and down. This device is different with chairlift that often used by skiers even […]